Cocoa Body Lotion by Essential Cosmetic

Cocoa Body Lotion Benefits

Cocoa butter:

One common use of cocoa butter is to smooth scars, wrinkles, and other marks on the skin. Cocoa butter has also been promoted to heal rashes from conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

  • It's an antioxidant powerhouse: Cocoa butter is high in antioxidants, which help fight off free-radical damage to the skin. Free radicals can cause skin aging, dark patches, and dull skin. Protecting your skin from free-radical damage is crucial to keep it healthy and youthful-looking. Cocoa butter is also an anti-inflammatory—just another way it helps your skin withstand the passage of time.

It's a rich moisturizer: Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids and hydrates the skin deeply, making it a wonderful addition to body moisturizers

  • It heals sensitive skin: cocoa butter has been noted to help skin irritations such as eczema and dermatitis.

Jojoba oil:

  1. Deeply-Hydrating.
  2. It is lighter than other face oils and easily absorbed into skin. It deeply penetrates to soothe and soften while providing an excellent moisturizing effect and adding a healthy glow.
  3. Long-Lasting Moisturization.
  4. It doesn’t evaporate like water-based moisturizers, which is very important when your skin is exposed to the environment. Studies have shown that Jojoba Oil provides a substantial long-acting layer of moisture.
  5. Nutritious for Skin.
  6. Jojoba is full of nutrients like Vitamin E and B, as well as antioxidants and minerals. 
  7. Anti-Aging.
  8. Because it is the perfect moisturizer, Jojoba can help slow down the appearance of aging, and help to fade fine lines and wrinkles. In dermatological tests, it was shown that Jojoba Oil increases the skin's suppleness and the effect was still present as time passed. Tests also showed continued use of Jojoba Oil resulted in reducing superficial facial lines.
  9. Non-Acnegenic.
  10. Because Jojoba Oil is very similar to human skin oils, its use can trick the skin into thinking it has produced enough oil and thus balance oil production, without promoting acne or other skin problems. Jojoba also naturally deters microbes, helping to prevent the growth of bacteria on skin.
  11. Easy, Not Greasy.
  12. Soothes Sunburn.
  13. Gentle & Non-Allergenic. 
  14. Soothes Dry Skin. 
  15. Anti–Microbial.