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Welcome to essentialcosmetic.ca

Who are we?

100% Natural skincare, made with Organic local ingredients
No Chemicals
No Preservatives
GMO Free
No Paraffin
No toxic
No fragrance
No Parfum
No palm oil
Not tested on animals
Your skin is important, take care of it.
You deserve the best, Essential Cosmetic is all you need for your skin.

Rooted in nature and the desire to shield our planet and bodies from harmful chemicals, we have turned our experience and  interest by making 100% natural products to protect your skin and bodies from the harm of chemicals. We offer products that are entirely made in an ecological, fair-trade, 100% natural and Organic way with local ingredients. The skin absorbs chemicals then enters to our bodies through it, so we must prevent absorption through using natural products. Furthermore, as we notice the aggravation of pollution in the environment, we have to take a step to stop pollution by using natural products. With our experience, attention and love, we offer you different natural products to protect your skin, body, beauty and youth. We are here to provide the best services to you because your health and satisfaction are our priority.

Our history

The recipes we use are a combination of  work and experience of 3 generations, and it is a pleasure to share them with you. Our desire is to provide you with high-end and 100% natural products to help you take care of your skin daily.

Enjoy our products which are without any chemical ingredients to get the best satisfied results.


Our mission is to provide you with products that exceed your expectations while respecting nature and your health. Your satisfaction is our number ONE priority.

Our values ​​:

  • Staying abreast and on the cutting edge of technology and science to provide our customers with the best possible products.
  • To bond and strengthen the privileged relationship with our customers in order to give them full satisfaction.
  • We are committed to providing the best customer experience possible.
  • Serve our customers as we would like to be served.
  • Providing impeccable quality to our customers.
  • We buy local.