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Flaxseed Gel for Hair | Essential Cosmetic

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Style your hair and nourish it at the same time.
Flaxseeds Gel

Prepare yourself for luxury and indulge in the satisfaction of your beautiful hair. Own our luxe flaxseed hair gel. Specially formulated with high-quality ingredients that create a natural, long lasting shine with medium hold. Hair will be left nourished, radiant and feather-soft. Embrace this luxurious treatment for your hair today!

Flaxseeds gel, for whom?
Dry, damaged, unruly hair ... breathless, linen gel is made for you! Just like Aloe Vera with natural moisturizing properties, flax gel has effective nourishing properties that fill the fiber with its benefits. From the first application, rebellious locks are tamed, curls defined, dry or frizzy hair regain shine and a silky touch. The sparkling effect ends as soon as the weather gets wet, the curls hold on. Finally, this recipe provides shine and protects the hair all day long from external aggressions.

Flaxseed hair gel is designed to stay in your hair throughout the day until your next shampoo session.

Keep your hair healthy with our new product. The Flaxseed Hair Gel. 100% organic, it will gives volume and shine to your hair. It will nourish your damaged hair and give them vitality and life. It is an exclusive product with organic ingredients and without chemicals. It will give shine to your hair and nourish it. Silky, soft with lots of vitamins and omega 3, flaxseed gel will meet your most stringent requirements and even regrow your hair. To try it is to adopt it.

How to use Flaxseed gel on the hair?
Easy to obtain, flax gel is an ideal base for hair care. A dab of flaxseed gel only, applied to wet or dry hair, nourishes the entire hair. You can also mix the flaxseeds gel with your shampoo or mask or apply it before shampooing in a thick layer for a deeper action. If the texture of the hair is a little too thick, just add a little water to soften it. An unstoppable beauty routine to coat your hair naturally without breaking the bank.

Ingredients: *Flax Seeds, Vitamin E, Filtered Water, Pure Essential Oil, *Natural Preservative.


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Weight: 150 ml / fl. 5,07 oz